Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam is a famous place in Europe and has many attraction to the visitors. UNESCO gives place its most famous Canals of Amsterdam in its list which is situated in the heart of Amsterdam. Lots of Museums, exhibition venues, church, Bridges, buildings, monuments, open air markets and so many other places who attract the visitors to spend some days in Amsterdam.

The most tourist places are:-

Oude Kerk - The old church building bell tower which help the sailor to get their bearings.

Dam Square - The square is peaceful place and is home for hundreds of pigeons and tourist to get relax for some times and defeat their tiredness.

Begijnhof- A narrow pass leads to a beautiful garden surrounded by the old houses.

Amsterdam's canal- Amsterdam is well known "The Venice of the North". But if you are not doing boating in this canal you not get the real entertainment.

Magere Bridge- one of the most famous bridges a substitute bridge was made nearby him due to increased the traffic on it.

Jordaan- It consist 3 main canals which create its beauty with colourful mixture.