Paris - Place for Couple

Everyone wants to visit their dream home but when the named of Paris comes out from their mind everyone changed their mood. Why? Of course, it is the home of passionate people who willing to visit this beautiful place. It is the best place to spend their honeymoon with their loving. It is situated in the France and near the Seine River, in the north side of the country.

The Eiffel Tower is the iconic symbol. Paris is also a global hub for fashion and twice yearly "Paris Fashion Week" will be organized by its Govt.

In sport, Paris is the home of association of Football. In 1998, the stadium Stade de France about 80,000 capacity seats was built for FIFA WORLD CUP. And also organized Rugby World Cup in 2007.

Paris has a typical weather which is affected by the North Atlantic. And overall we reached on the conclusion that Paris climate throughout the year is mild and moderately wet.

The most famous 10 destinations for tourism in Paris are:-

1. Place de la Concorde

2. Sainte - Chapelle

3. Centre Pompidou

4. Musee d'Orsay

5. Jardin du Luxembourg

6. Sacre-Coeur

7. Notre Dame de Paris

8. Arc de Triomphe

9. Louvre

10. Eiffel Tower