Reykjavik- Home of Lover

Reykjavik is the largest city of Iceland. It is the capital of Iceland and when we want to know it Geographical information we found that it is the greenest, cleanest and safest place in the world. A panorama view is looking when we saw it on airplane. offers its Budget fare to visit this place. And also have many offers and packages for this place.

Reykjavik airport is the second biggest airport in the country. It is mostly used for domestic flights. Keflavik international airport handle all the international and national flight.

Reykjavik has also two seaports :-

The old harbour near the city centre - Mainly used fisherman and for cruise ships

The Sundahofn harbor Mainly used for Cargo

The special things of Reykjavik that nightlife are so much expensive here. It is the hub for gay people because Reykjavik is the home of thousand of gay and lesbian couple.

In fact, most of the visitors fall helplessly in love and they should be managed saving to come back. The most attractive places of Reykjavik are:-

The Blue Lagoon- famous for its thermal pool

Watching whales

Nightlife in bars

Perlan (The Pearl)- it is the unique piece of architecture it contain hot water to heating the city


Church of Hallgrimur this building can be seen anywhere from the city

So, it is clear that this is a beautiful city with more options.