Hong Kong The China Heart

Hong Kong situated on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, initially known as HK, with its special quality of special administrative region in Southern China. In ancient days, Hong Kong is the prime colony of British Empire. The city also knows from its expensive skyline with the densely population around 7 million.

Time Magazine article defined it as a most economic gained city in 2008 and having a responsibility of global network that facilitates the global economy. Hong Kong also has the highest ranked in IQ among 81 countries.

A statue of Bruce Lee, Stars of the city and shows and encourage the culture of Marital Arts in China. Many Hollywood, bollywood and Chinese filmmaker use this art in their films, shows and their drama.

Ocean Park, animal theme park and amusement park are also their main attraction point for tourist.

It is also known for vertical city because 36% of the tallest building in the world is situated in Hong Kong and most of the people working on or above 14th floor.