Flight Tickets to Bali

Bali – The smallest Island of Indonesia

Bali is the smallest island of Indonesia. Most of the Hindu minority lived there. According to 2010 census 84.5% population is Indonesian’s Hindu family and rest are Community of Islam and Community of Christianity lived together.

Mainly its island shows the beauty of nature and beaches create its uniqueness from others.

In the universe, Bali is the most beautiful place like a haven on earth. Its destination art is unique, its sculpture, painting and music are made famous this tourist destination.

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It looks like a fish, which is unique and inspiring me to visit this place so much time.

Bali Starling is only bird which is found only in Bali out of 280 species of birds.

Tourism industry is the main source of income Kuta (Beach) is the main tourist spot in Bali which is attract the tourist. Some famous tourist destinations are:-

  • 1. Uluwatu
  • 2. Kuta Beach
  • 3. Gitgit Waterfall
  • 4. Penglipuran Village
  • Thousand of temples in Bali which shows the Hinduism spread all over its part.