Flights to Auckland

Auckland is the New Zealand’s famous and largest city known as main transport hub. It image attract the tourist for its urban environment where every couple spend their unforgettable moment with beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a dozen enchanting holiday islands. Auckland landscapes provide countless opportunities to get immersed in nature in its way.

When we talk about its popular location for tourism is in New Zealand’s:- Auckland Central: - It is the heart of Auckland because in world-class shopping, dining and entertainment all around you in the city centre.

Piha: -This is a laid-back seaside village 45 minutes in the side of west of the Auckland city, However, in summer, surf lifesavers patrol an area clearly flagged for swimmers. You can get surfing lessons to the Piha canyon. A popular licensed cafe and fast food restaurant at Piha.

If, in night we want to stay there, there are cottages for rent, a camp ground and a Back to Back home stay. Also, it is possible to rent private beach houses. But remember to book ahead, especially during summertime which is high season.

Waiheke Island:- Beautiful galleries and craft boutiques in this homeland of artists. Here there are plenty of places to enjoy a good coffee. Enjoy local wine while looking out over vine-covered valleys to the blue sea beyond.

Rangitoto Island:- The most iconic island of Auckland, with its regular cone and superb location. It emerge unexpectedly from the sea some 600 years ago, it is the youngest and largest volcano in the Auckland volcanic field.We found black lava caves on the way. The views from the top are spectacular. Water lovers can hire a guided to watch the sea kayaking trip out to Rangitoto.

Devonport and North Head:- Auckland harbour inspire with the nature charm here. Followed by visionary town planning, has preserved Devonport's heritage. The nearby naval officers base is the main focus of Devonport for many decades. The grassy slopes of the hill attract the number of picnic spots with unforgettable views over the city, harbour and islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

Population: 1.377Million (Census 2011), Area 1086KM2, Weather :16®C,wind 0KM/hr.,96% Humidity